Biomedical Microsystems Lab

for   Medicine

We are evolving microtechnology by combining microfluidics, integrated circuits, biotechnologies and informatics to build advanced biomedical microsystems. One of the key concepts of our research is to utilize array of tiny biochemical reactors for overcoming the limits of the conventional biochemical analysis methodology. Advanced functions are integrated into the reactors for handling single objects including molecules, vesicles or/and cells. Moreover, DNA barcoding and photon detectors are also integrated for indexing individual objects and detecting reaction signals directly from the reactors. The integrated microsystems are mainly applied to the liquid biopsy for the diagnosis and prognosis of cancers to realize personalized medicine

Call for Post Doc  (posted on 2020.01.19)
A new project has been launched to develop advanced microsystems for liquid biopsy targeting circulating tumor cell cluster and/or circulating tumor DNA. If you have a strong motivation to learn and work with us, please send CV and publication list to S. H. Kim by e-​mail.