Biomedical Microsystems Lab



Paralllelized Cell Sorter
A novel cell sorter for the detecting and separating target cells is being developed by integrating high sensitivity photon detectors and microfluidic devices.
Addressable Electroactive Microwell Array
Microfluidics-on-CMOS system is being developed for the deterministic combination of multiple single cells by controlling individual electroactive microwells.

Cell Analysis

Single Cell Analysis
We are developing highly efficient single cell analysis system for the analysis of intracellular materials of single cells.
Cell-Cell Interaction
Cell-cell interactions at the single cell level are investigated by using advanced microsystems allowing highly efficient pairing of single cells.

Liquid Biopsy

Circulating Tumor Cell
A combination of two independent isolation methods based on physical and biochemical properties is used for the highly efficient cancer marker-free purification.
We are developing a novel microsystem for the detection of single exosomes using Picoreactors, followed by transcriptome analysis for the exosomal RNAs.
Circulating Tumour DNA
By using DNA capturing microbeads, high sensitivity detection of circulating tumor DNAs is carried out to realize liquid biopsy.